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Penerapan Inovasi & Teknologi

Teknologi yang sesuai untuk berkembang

Kandungan program ini adalah sehingga April 2019. Butiran program, kriteria kelayakan dan fakta lain mungkin telah berubah. Untuk maklumat yang tepat, rujukan boleh dibuat kepada Kementerian dan agensi yang berkenaan.
MyHIJAU Industry & SME


Support participation of the local SMEs in adopting green practices as well as produce and provide local green products and services. This initiative equips participants with entrepreneurship and strategic management skills to enhance management in line with the upcoming green ventures. Participation company will go through a capacity-building, training and coaching programme which will support to obtaining green label verification for their products and services as well as successfully incorporate best green practices and applications in their operations


  • To register for the MyHIJAU Mark Product, products must:
    • Minimise the degradation of the environment, or reduce greenhouse emissions;
    • Promote health and improve the environment; and
    • Conserve the use of energy, water and/or other forms of natural resources, or promote the use of renewable energy or recyclable materials.
  • Green Product Manufacturers/Suppliers;
  • Malaysian Registered Business or Malaysian Registered Company.
  • Green Service Providers; Malaysian Incorporated Company.
  • Products must have been awarded green labels or compliance standards certification that is recognised by GreenTech Malaysia. Acceptable certification includes:
    1. Any type of Green Label that meets ISO 14024, such as SIRIM ECO Label, ECO Mark Japan or other label registered with the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN);
    2. Malaysian Green Certification such as Energy Efficiency Labelling issued by Energy Commission (EC), Water Efficient Product Labelling Scheme issued by National Water Services Commission (SPAN), PEFC – Chain of Custody Certification issued by Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC) and Global GreenTAG Certification Scheme issued by Global GreenTag Sdn. Bhd;
    3. Compliance Performance Certification, where applicable.

•    Malaysian Green Technology Corporation, No.2, Jalan 9/10, Persiaran Usahawan, Seksyen 9, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor                                                                          
Tel: 03-8921 0800
Fax: 03-8921 0801 / 0802

SME Expert Advisory Panel Programme (SEAP)
Business Accelerator Programme (BAP)
Bumiputera Enterprise Enhancement Programme (BEEP)
Automotive Supplier Excellence Program (ASEP)
MARII Intelligent Technology System (MITS)
Perkhidmatan Teknikal MARDI
Public-Private Research Network (PPRN)
Pre Commercialisation Fund
Implementation of Core Activities Targeted at Enhancing Productivity and Market Expansion of SME in Collaboration with SIRIM–Fraunhofer
Commercialisation of R&D Fund (CRDF)
Technology Acquisition Fund (TAF)
Biotechnology Commercialisation Funding (BCF)

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