Product Certification Scheme


Product Certification Scheme Product Certification is offered to manufacturer who wishes to have its product certified to the requirements of a Malaysian or International Standard. Participation in this scheme is voluntary for most products. However, government regulatory authorities may require mandatory certification for certain products.  After successful application, the applicant is given a license to mark the certified product with the "MS" certification mark. However for most regulated products, it is mandatory to affix the SIRIM labels on the products. The presence of the Label attests that the product meets quality requirements of the specified standard or specification.  It also provides consumer an assurance of performance, safety and reliability as well as it demonstrates an effective system for production processes.

Other Product Certification Category

The Chain-of-Custody Certification is an independent third party verification that the wood products purchased are actually derived from forests which have been certified to have met the requirements of an agree forest management standard. The standard used is the PEFC International Chain-of-Custody standard, Annex 4 of the PEFC Council Technical Document: Chain-of-Custody of Forest Based Products – Requirements. A wood product which has been certified under this scheme is eligible to use the MTCC as well as the PEFC logos which are recognized in the member countries of the PEFC.

Product Listing Scheme
This scheme is operated along similar lines to the Product Certification Scheme. However it offers a cost-effective in the absence of a national or international standard for the product. In this case, the product can be certified to association or industry standards as well as acceptable customer specifications. Pre Application fee of RM200 is payable upon application to Product Listing Scheme. Acceptance into this scheme has to be approved by SIRIM QAS International's Certification Panel.

Modular Coordination Verification Scheme
This is a concept of coordination of dimension and space, in which, buildings and components are dimensioned and positioned in terms of basic unit or module, known as ‘1M’ which is equivalent to 100 mm. It is internationally accepted by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and many other countries including Malaysia.

Batch Certification Scheme
This Scheme provides third party certification of products and is based on the ISO certification system no. 7, where a batch of product is sample tested and a certificate of conformity and/or labels are issued to the batch. The certification is based on a Malaysian Standard, an International Standard, an International Standard or a foreign standard of a national standards organisation. 

The electrical and electronic is Malaysian largest export revenue earner netting more than half of total export. As good and services flow across borders, business partners and government agencies may require assurance that they measure up to standard, regulations and other requirements.  

IECEE CB scheme is one of the multilateral recognition agreement schemes that reassure industrial users and consumer that the product they buy conform to the criteria of an IEC international standards and require no further testing or evaluation. SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd. is now an Issuing and Recognizing National Certification Body (NCB) of the CB Scheme.  The Product Certification Section is designated as the NCB and the Electrotechnical Testing Section as the Certification Body Testing Laboratory (CBTL).   

The aim of the CB Scheme is to provide manufacturers seeking worldwide third party certification marks, the most economic and cost effective procedures within the best certification time frame.

Fire Listing Scheme
Currently, certification on several passive fire protection products such as fire resistant door sets and roller shutters is being carried out by SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd. These products are certified as a system which includes components such as the door leaves, frames and ironmongeries. Due to this “system” certification, the products certified must be sold with the exact same components or of equivalent or better grade than those used during testing.   

Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification Scheme
Ensuring that electrical and electronic products/equipment are safe and do not interfere with the normal operation of other equipment is the basis of the emc Scheme. With the Scheme, which can be best demonstrated through independent third-party certification, manufacturers will be able to apply the emc-mark.

Sirim Eco-Labelling Scheme
Eco-labelling is a means of communicating product’s environment information to consumers and business. This information provides consumers and business the associated environmental benefit and enables purchaser to make decision based on environmental attributes. Under SIRIM QAS International Eco-Labelling Scheme, a product will be independently tested and verified against preset criteria before the organisation is allowed to use SIRIM QAS International’s Eco-Labelling mark on its product, packaging and promotional materials.

SIRIM QAS International’s Eco-Labelling mark is an effective marketing tool which will enable a company to position its product as an environmentally-friendly product.  This, in turn, will give the product a competitive edge over other similar products in a consumer market that is increasingly becoming more environmentally conscious.

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