Product Certification Process

  1. Enquiry
    • The applicant should complete the Questionnaire in the Application Package and submit to SIRIM Qas International Sdn. Bhd. Based on the Questionnaire, a question will be prepared and sent to applicant for consideration. The quotation should provide an estimate of the total cost for certification.
  2. Application
    • Upon agreeing to the quotation, the applicant is required to submit the application form (PCS/FOR/01-2), Declaration for Approval from Relevant Authority (for Malaysian manufaturers only), Declaration for Approval for Trade Mark Registration/ Brand Name (PCS/FOR/01-3-1), accompanying product information + fees + test report (if available)
  3. Document Evaluation
    • SIRIM QAS International will conduct standard/product design Evaluation
  4. Factory Audit
    • Inspection conducted to examine Quality Control plan adequacy, test equipment and calibration and record keeping system.
  5. Sample Selection & Testing
    • Sample of product will be randomly selected and sent to accredited testing laboratory for testing
  6. Recommendation and Approval Process
    •  The Certification Panel reviews and approves the recommendation for certification under the authority of the Certification Advisory Committee
  7. Surveillance
    • Planned inspection and re-tests conducted to monitor continuing compliance. Samples selected from production or open market will be retested.
  8. Renewal
    • Approval for renewal on satisfactory inspection reports and payment of fees.
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