The National Innovation Council (NIC) under MOSTI chaired by YB Prime Minister has formulated the National Innovation Agenda (NIA), aimed to establish the  National Innovation Led Economy to achieve Market-Driven and Technology Driven Innovation for Wealth Creation and Societal Well Being.

The council also established the Jawatankuasa Tindakan Penyelarasan Inovasi Negara (JTPIN) where SME Corp. Malaysia has been entrusted to lead a sub-committee under the JTPIN namely, Innovation for SMEs Committee.

In view of the demands for a new breed of SMEs that can help drive market-driven and technology-driven innovation a study visit has been carried out by Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT), MITI and SME Corp Malaysia to Korea, to learn their best practices in developing innovative SMEs.

In Korea, the criteria and mechanism for 1-InnoCERT is based on 2 levels of assessment; on-line assessment and site visit evaluation by experts. The scheme implemented in Korea has since been adopted, and fine tuned to suit with the Malaysian companies. Four main parameters evaluated in the 1-InnoCERT are:

  • Technology Innovation Ability;
  • Technology Commercialization Ability;
  • Technology Innovation Management Ability; and
  • Technology Innovation Result.

It was hoped that through the 1-InnoCERT Certification; companies could be;

  • Provided fiscal incentives and encourage greater participation in high risk venture;
  • Launch Fast Track Programme (FTP) for 1-InnoCERT companies;
  • Establish angel network; and
  • Programme as benefits for the 1-InnoCERT companies.

In recognition of these Innovative Companies, SME Corp. Malaysia organized the SME Innovation Award 2010 in conjunction with SMIDEX 2010. Through the process 65 SMEs were deemed to be 1-InnoCERT-fied SMEs and there were 6 award winners based on their sectors. They are:

  • The Top Winner Of The SME Innovation Award  And SME Innovation Award In Design 2010 -  IC Microsystems Sdn Bhd
  • SME Innovation Award In Green Technology and Energy Efficiency 201 - Device Semiconductor Sdn Bhd
  • SME Innovation Award In Halal 2010 - Nutrivention Sdn Bhd
  • SME Innovation Award In The Services Sector  2010- Romstar Sdn Bhd
  • SME Innovation Award In Agriculture and Biotechnology 2010 - TT Biotechnologies Sdn Bhd
  • SME Innovation Award In The Manufacturing Sector 2010 -  Subsea Explore Services (M) Sdn Bhd

In response to YAB Prime Minister’s visit to SMIDEX 2010; YAB Prime Minister announced during a cabinet meeting that a special council be set up and will be chaired by YB MITI Minister and YB MOF II Minister to prepare the “Green Lane Policy” to assist 1-InnoCERT companies and added that all GLCs should assist these 1-InnoCERT companies.



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