Business Plan


Business Plan

It is important for you to have a Business Plan before you venture into a business or even if you are already in business. A Business Plan will help you to describe your business, the nature of your business, what differentiate your products / services better than your competitors or the state of your financial status. In short, Business Plan provides background information about the business and the owner and the teams in planning their goal and how they will achieve those goals.

A good and comprehensive Business Plan that contains information about your business will help you to secure an appropriate financing from financial institutions or Development Financial Institutions. It can also attract key employees, to deal with new suppliers, and/or to identify company’s strength and weaknesses.

Business Plan is not only for start-up but it is also essential for existing business to identify the growth of the business or simply to update it, so that you can solicit new funding for business expansion or merely for reviewing purposes.

To view the expanded version of business plan, please download the Business Plan for more information.

Please ensure relevant copies of documents are attached to the Business Planning to ensure that the application could be processed accordingly.

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