Family Support & Assistance


Family Support & Assistance

This element plays very important role not only in the planning stage of your business but also in other stages until you become a successful business owner. Still, family support last longer than any other support. Having to face so many risks, challenges, consequences and obstacles in business, family always comes as helping hands and shoulder to cry on.

Not only that, family may also be one of your fund providers when it comes to startup capital. That will be further discussed in the second stage of the business cycle– sourcing of fund under starting up your business. Considering that no other source of fund can be obtained, family is your very important funder to realise your dream.

Family members don’t always share the same dreams as you do. Their priorities may be different from your business success. To make sure that your family members will not suffer from any risks due to your own ambitions and target, you have to discuss with them, especially your spouse and children before you pursue your business dream to ensure that everyone is prepared with the business.



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