Types of Insurance


Type of Insurance

All Risks Insurance
covers loss of or damage to the property insured caused by any accident (wide cover) or on specified perils basis (restricted cover).

Burglary Insurance
covers loss of or damage to the property insured as a result of theft.

Business Interruption Insurance
covers loss of profit arising from physical loss or damage to the property insured, thus hindering a company from carrying out its planned level of business.

Electronic Shield Insurance
indemnifies the insured for any unforeseen or sudden physical loss of or damage to electronic equipment such as computers, thus requiring repair or replacement.

Employers' Liability Insurance
indemnifies the employer (insured) against liability at law for employee claims resulting from bodily injury or disease sustained during the course of employment.

Equipment Insurance
covers loss of or damage to equipment, its accessories and spare parts caused by accidental collision or overturning, fire, external explosion, etc.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance
covers all direct pecuniary loss sustained by the insured as a result of acts of dishonesty and fraud committed by an employee and which is discovered within the insurance period.

Fire Insurance
covers loss of or damage to property caused by fire or lightning and other extraneous perils such as explosions, storms, riots, etc.

Money Insurance
provides coverage for loss of money occurring from money in transit namely when collecting and/or delivering money from/to the bank or money stolen while in the personal custody of an employee.

Professional Indemnity
protects professionals who supply skills or services against their legal liability to compensate parties other than the insured for losses sustained as a result of their professional negligence.

Product Liability
provides compensation to the insured for bodily injury, loss of or damage to third parties’ property caused by the defective design, packaging, etc. of goods sold, supplied, tested, repaired and serviced by the insured.



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