How Certification Benefits Us


Reference to certification such as Malaysian Standards brings immense benefits to all stakeholders in achieving:

1)    Consumer Protection and Public Welfare

  • Standards provide a basis for legislation for controlling quality, protecting consumers and ensuring health and safety
  • Standards ensure the fitness for the intended purpose of products and services
  • Standards specify the minimum requirements of quality, health and safety including areas involving the environment and occupational safety and health
  • Conformance to standards provides an assurance of safety, reliability and quality to consumers·
  • Standards ensure compatibility, interchangeability and interoperatibility to benefit consumers
  • As consensus documents, standards reflect the requirements at national and international levels

2)    Industrial Efficiency and Development

  • Terminology and symbol standards help in better understanding
  • Product standards help in ensuring good design and improvement in quality of products
  • Product standards encourage economic efficiency through variety rationalization and interchangeability of components, materials and practices
  • Process standards provide the means for improving manufacturing processes
  • Codes of practice establish good practices in all fields of installation, construction, etc.
  • Testing standards set recognized levels of repeatability and reproducibility
  • Standards being a rich source of current technologies can act as vehicles for technology transfer
  • Standards promote better understanding between the purchaser and seller and provide solutions to recurring problems
  • Standards facilitate communications
  • Use of standards provide the essential key to organizing industrial development
  • Use of standards lead to direct and indirect economic benefits
  • Standards help in import substitution and export promotion

The adoption of certification such as Malaysian Standards assures consumers that their safety is taken care of, and ensures that the quality of products and services is worth their money. To industries, it contributes to the reduction of operational costs thereby assuring a rise in profits.



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