Small Entrepreneurs Guarantee Scheme (CGC)


To assist small entrepreneur with viable business venture by providing guarantee cover for credit facility obtained from commercial banks.

Maximum tenure : 5 years

Maximum financing : RM50,000

Participating financial institutions / Implementing Ministry / Agency
All commercial banks

Eligibility criteria

  • All Malaysian business entities/SMEs registered with SSM and based on the SME definition [Link].
  • No adverse record in respect of borrowing from any financial institutions or government agencies.
  • A borrower can only have one loan under CGC guarantee schemes at one time.
  • Franchise businesses are also eligible to apply under this scheme.

Guarantee Coverage
80% to 100%

Guarantee Fee
3% to 3.5% per annum

Purpose of financing

  • Expansion in business capacity
  • Working capital

Application procedure
Application to be submitted directly to financial institutions

Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad (CGC)
Tel: 03-7806 2300, 03-7806 2300
Fax: 03-7806 3308
Website: www.cgc.com.my



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