Personal Saving


Personal Saving

There's nothing like having your own money saved, to put into your startup. You have the satisfaction of having saved it on your own, and the knowledge that you don't owe anyone. When using your own money to finance a business, you will feel more personally invested in the project, because it is basically your money on the line. However, there is more flexibility in using your own money. For example, if your business is having a slow start, you do not need to worry about paying back a bank loan because you used your own money.

But the risk you may face is that - It's your money, and if you're not successful, the money is gone, and with it the opportunity to do anything else with it later. It can also create another financial burden. Most people have a savings account for general purposes. In other words, the money is not saved for any particular purpose and is used whenever it is needed for whatever reason. As such, draining such an account may negatively affect your financial situation if you need to dip into that savings account for an emergency. However, if the personal savings you use to finance a business was money saved for that particular purpose, you should not have any financial troubles as a result of the draining of that account. If your savings account was set up for the purpose of opening a business, this means that you planned ahead and reserved that savings account for that purpose only, and thus, will not feel the pinch in an emergency because you will have other funds available for that purpose.



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