Financing with Debt


Financing with Debt

Financing a business with debt involves securing a loan. This can be in the form of either unsecured or secured debt. Unsecured debt refers to a loan taken without having to put up any specific form of security or collateral. This involves mainly borrowing from family or friends, a credit card, line of credit and other similar means.

Secured debt, on the other hand, refers to loans where you are required to put up some form of collateral in exchange for the loan, for example, mortgage on the house or refinancing your car, among others. For secured debts, you need to be able to assure the lender about your ability to meet your payments either through your business or other means. To secure such debt is some cases you will need to present a solid business plan, evidence of your experience and of your ability to repay.

Family and Friends

Raising finance from family and friends can be rewarding for both parties: you get the finance to start or expand your business, while your family and friends have the satisfaction of helping you while earning interest on their spare cash.

Family and friends may accept more flexible terms and conditions that are better suited to your business than those offered by commercial banks.

Often arrangements with family and friends are informal and based purely on trust and verbal assurances. However, a formal written agreement is strongly advised in order to minimise disputes in the future. Preserving your relationships with friends and family is as important as pursuing your business opportunity.

Personal Loan

Financing a business with personal loans means that you borrow the money personally to invest it in your business. This is typically used at start-up or early stages where the business has not established enough history or performance to be able to secure a loan on its own merit.

Mortgage Loan

Another source for financing a business is a home mortgage loan. Some banks allow you to mortgage or refinance your house. This may be a risky move as if you are unable to make the scheduled payments, you risk losing your home. It is therefore crucial that you are confident on your continued ability to make all payments scheduled.

Insurance Loan

Another source of loan could be from your insurance policy. If you have been paying for a life insurance policy that builds up a cash value you are entitled to take up a loan on the cash value amount. Many insurance companies will loan you money with the cash value as security. This is a rather expensive method of financing a business and also means reduced benefits if you are unable to clear the loan and interests accrued.

Credit Cards

Credit cards can also be a source for financing a business when you are first getting started. However, this is another expensive method as the rates charged can be high and it could also affect your credit rating, required for other sources of financing.



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