Equity Financing


Equity Financing

Equity Financing is borrowing where the investor/financier becomes a part-owner of the business in the process. This could be through venture capital or issuing shares.

Venture Capital

Venture capitalists do not want to remain in your business forever. Generally, they want to see an exit strategy that will see them out in about 5 years, with a high return on their investment as their reward.

In terms of areas of interest, venture capitalists are interested in both high technology and various other industries. Normally they fund businesses which have already been launched and have probably reached profitability.

The angel investor, on the other hand, is a special type of venture capitalist. Usually an individual with substantial funds, the ‘angel’ provides capital to start-up companies and takes a personal stake in the venture. Depending on the individual ‘angel’, their requests for any form of control or a quick return on investment will differ. However, similar to regular venture capitalists, they seek high returns on their investment for the risks they take on.