Self Motivated


Self Motivated

Self-motivation is one of the success factors in starting any kind of business. You need to have the ability to get things done. Having a vision and mission for your business is one of the ways to motivate yourself. You know what your target is and how to achieve that target. This element is very important for a sole proprietorship and micro business because you are your own business.

How to motivate yourself? Self- motivation is built first by knowing the cause to own a business. This cause may help to inspire you to give the best of yourself.

Next is by having a dream. Dream is an important goal for the cause you were thinking about. For example, dream to have a very successful business or to become the entrepreneur of the year. Those dreams are goals that you wish you could score, just like playing football. 

Finally is by having the hunger to achieve the cause and dream that you wish for. Having only desire is not enough. You may get disappointed when you fail but by having hunger for success will be a powerful tool to inspire you to get up and survive.