Women Entrepreneurs


Profile of SMEs

Based on the Census of Establishments & Enterprises 2005 by the Department of Statistics Malaysia, a total of 82,911 business establishments were owned by the women entrepreneurs.

Sector %
Services 89.5
Manufacturing 7.5
Agriculture 3

This statistics show that compared with their male counterparts, the involvement of women in business is still very low. This should be seen as an opportunity for more women to come forth and explore businesses as a way of earning additional family income and more importantly as a career choice.

Programmes for WEs

The Malaysian Government has embarked on developing capacity building initiatives through various Ministries and agencies to create, promote and nurture more women entrepreneurs, in line with the Fourth Thrust of the National Key Result Area (NKRA), which is to develop 4,000 women entrepreneurs by the year 2012.

There are various Programmes made available for the women entrepreneurs by respective Ministries and Agencies, among others are:


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