Business Plan Template

Do You Have A Startup Idea?

These are 30 important questions you have to answer to determine if your idea is worth pursuing:

    1. Will you personally use your product?

    2. Can you find 10+ people who are willing to pay for it now?

    3. What do you love to do? How different is it from your idea?

    4. How painful is the problem you intend to solve?

    5. Is your target market big enough to create a real business out of it?

    6. What is your revenue model and how realistic is it?

    7. How well can the founders execute?

    8. Can the founders identify what they need to do, beyond the obvious?

    9. How does the customer addresses the problem today?

    10. What are the recent trends that make your solution possible?

    11. What is the simplest version of this idea?

    12. How fast can you take the idea to market?

    13. How soon can you build your prototype?

    14. What makes your product different?

    15. How much money is needed to build your first prototype?

    16. Customers will only buy a simple product. Can you explain your product in one sentence?

    17. Do you have any advantage over the competitors?

    18. Are you passionate enough about the idea to dedicate all your time for the next 1-2 years to your business?

    19. How easily can you get access to 2-3 high profile people who can advise you on how to succeed in that target market?

    20. Can you convince 1-2 great people to work with you right now?

    21. How soon can you scale it?

    22. How will it make the world better place?

    23. In what way is it  creative innovative and unique?

    24. What opportunities and risks do you face?

    25. What is the image on patents?

    26. What long-term goals have you set?

    27. How is the industry developing (market growth)?

    28. What are the key success factors?

    29. Why should someone give you money?

    30. How will your business  survive  and grow in the next 5 years?

The above is correct on 13th February 2018.

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What's your opinion on this SMEinfo Portal?
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