Monetary Game Plan

Expenses And Working Capital

Non-Recurring Expenses

Generally, 4 expenses are the non-recurring (one-time) costs of business:

    1. Costs related to set up a business entity
      • Business / LLP / Company registration
      • Professional fee
      • Other Registrations
    2. Costs related to establishing a business premise/location
      • Rental deposit
      • Water and electricity deposit
      • Telephone and internet line installation & deposits
      • Repair of premise
      • Renovation
    3. Costs related to fixed assets and business equipment
      • Machinery
      • Computer
      • Furniture and fittings
      • Motor Vehicle
      • Office equipment
    4. Marketing and Promotion
      • Company profile
      • Product/services brochures
      • Business card
      • Advertising materials

Operating Expenses And Working Capital

Operating expenses are costs incurred to maintain your business’s daily operations, while working capital is for your business growth and expansion. The amount of cost required depends on your forecast on income to be generated from your product/service within a certain period of time i.e. 6 months or 1 year.

Example of the costs are:

    1. Stocks / inventory
    2.  Salary
    3. EPF and SOCSO
    4. Office / shop rental
    5. Water and electricity
    6. Telephone and internet bills
    7. Printing and stationery
    8. Office expenses
    9. Transportation
    10. Petrol, toll, and parking
    11. Repair and maintenance
    12. Monthly promotion
    13. Miscellaneous

Let’s Simulate:

ABC Enterprise is a new startup involved in the printing business. Their 6-month Business Investment Cost or Budget is as follows:

From the table, we can see that ABC Enterprise requires a Total Business Investment Cost of RM74,232 which includes budget costs for six months in advance.

The above is correct on 13th February 2018.

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